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The Akashic Record is the vibrational record of your soul, including every thought and action – past (including past lives), present, and future possibilities.


Your Akashic Record is the record of your soul’s journey through the universe and can only be opened with your permission. When your Akashic Record is opened in a reading, only the information that you are prepared to receive comes forward. This information can be very specific or more general in nature.  Your Akashic Record Reading is based on the questions you ask. Your questions can be specific or general and on almost any topic including life purpose, career, health, relationships, or finances. The questions can range from the mundane to the spiritual; all are valid and appropriate if they are important to you. The best types of questions to ask in your Akashic Records reading are questions that start with why, how, or what.  Or any question that can be expanded on. The reason is that you will get a much richer answer with these types of questions than by asking simple yes or no questions. The only real limit is a topic that would come from someone else’s records. For example, you can ask about the purpose of your relationship with a particular friend, but not about that friend’s individual life purpose.


Why get an Akashic Records reading?

People access their Akashic Records for many different reasons. Here are a few reasons why you might want to get a reading:

  • Gain clarity around life circumstances or recent events - such as family, relationships, health, finances, work, career, a house you're looking to buy, etc.

  • Release recurring patterns and habits that are causing you pain.

  • Ask how a frustrating situation can be/is for your highest good. Gain a higher perspective of these situations.

  • Obtain clarity around your life purpose.

  • Reveal the lessons you're here to learn and how you can help to facilitate that learning with the least amount of suffering.


How it works

In order to access your Akashic Records, we will use your full name. Our time together will start with me reciting a short, sacred prayer.  This raises the vibration and allows me to access your Akashic Record. Next, I’ll ask you to tell me your story – in other words, what issue led you to contact me.  In this part of the session, don’t hold back. The more sincere and specific you are, the better. The Akashic field is vast. Think of it like being in a library –  there are all different “sections.” So it’s nice to know which section you want to focus on so you can get the most out of our time together. Remember, we are working to move you towards joy by uncovering soul level truths.


As you are talking, I’ll be receiving information from your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones directly from your Akashic Record. In the case of an email reading (available for returning clients only), I will access the same information, but it will be based on the background information you give me via email.  I’ll look deeper and pass along what is going on from the perspective of your soul. Clients often report that this helps them see the “big picture.”

The reading are not meant to predict the future, because I firmly believe in free will and the future is subject to change based on our choices.


There are many ways to access the Akashic Records. Leah has completed advanced training with Dr. Linda Howe who developed the Pathway Prayer Process© . For more information about this approach, please visit

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