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I am a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a licensed massage therapist, offering my knowledge and experience to help anyone who would like support in their own personal growth.

What is it about my journey that led me to Esoteric Acupuncture and Akashic Record reading?

Like many people, I have experienced trauma in my life. Trying to make sense of these experiences, I have utilized many therapies, but none of them really helped at a deep level until I got to a point where I was ready to be connected again. Reconnection is the common theme between Esoteric Acupuncture and Akashic Record work. Both are modalities that help you reconnect to source, to highest self, to true purpose. That is what is so healing about this work. I feel loved unconditionally when I am in the Akashic Records and I am better able to love myself unconditionally in my daily life when I spend time in the records regularly. Esoteric acupuncture helps me to find where I fit in the big picture and to ground that knowing into my body. The patterns reconnect me to the cosmos and to myself at the same time. This way I can be the best version of myself. Every time I reconnect, the past traumas and all they have left in my body and energy field fade just a little bit. New patterns emerge and focus movement forward toward developing those healthy parts of myself that have always been there.


A lot of trauma work focuses on what is wrong or how the trauma has become trapped in the body. And while it is true that this happens, I found myself getting stuck in this way of looking at things. The more I looked at my hurt self, the more I felt hurt. I needed a different perspective and Esoteric Acupuncture and Akashic Record readings have given that to me. I feel more balanced. When I do look at the shadow parts of myself now, or dive deep into the remaining shame and sadness that still sometimes come up, I no longer get lost in it. My sense of self and sense of identity are stronger now because of this work. I feel that I am my own ally now instead of working against myself. I am more gentle with myself because I can see my life from a different perspective.

How did I get myself here?

It was divine intervention that I found massage school. I was finished with my undergraduate work and facing jobs that were not inspiring at all. A coworker told me about the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. When I visited this massage school for the first time, I felt that I belonged. Something inside of me opened up and I just knew that I needed to be there. So I followed my intuition, signed up for their program, and my pathway just lit up in front of me. I have never looked back. I was always interested in what made people tick - what was going on inside their heads, and why they move through the world the way they do. Natural therapeutics gave me a framework to understand how the mind and body work together, something that was missing from my undergraduate work in psychology.


Moving into acupuncture was also an intuitively guided step. I was terrified of needles and in fact, going through school and having to practice needle technique did bring up a lot of trauma. I decided then and there and I would be a gentle and sensitive practitioner. Specializing in Esoteric Acupuncture  was the next natural fit in terms of my own personal growth and spiritual healing. Each time I have moved forward in my career it was intuitively guided and felt right. And each time I was at a juncture where I realized I was no longer being fed by the work I was practicing. It was becoming draining instead. The first Akashic reading I had was so healing because I felt SEEN. The reader was so kind and gentle with her words. And she was right on with the particulars of her reading. I had many questions about my career path and when she said “you know, they are showing and telling me that you could be an Akashic reader too”, I felt something click and I just knew that was my next move. There is something so healing about being seen for who you really are. Being seen from the soul perspective that the Akashic Records offer is life changing, I think. That validation is what has allowed me to finally feel whole again, complete again, instead of feeling like parts of me were missing. I don’t feel bad about myself like I used to. My sense of self worth and self esteem has improved. I am learning how to enjoy life and it’s not as hard as it used to be to do this.

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